Inner Oasis ​


Meditation for Self-Discovery

Lynn Huxtable

 Certified Intuitive Guide

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From the mud, we bloom.

In its natural setting, the Lotus plant grows in murky water, preferring sunny locations.  It plants its roots firmly in the mud and sends long stems up out of the water to produce leaves and flowers.  I chose the Lotus blossom for my logo because its growth process resembles ours.

We must explore our own murky depths in order to rise up strong, emerge into the light, and flower.  It would be my great pleasure to help you explore what is held deep within you so that you have the optimal conditions for blossoming.

What is an Inner Journey?

An Inner Journey is a guided meditation for Self-discovery done with me by phone.  We start by identifying a personal issue you want to explore.  This can be in any area of your life: work, health, relationships, discovering your life purpose, healing emotional wounds, or simply learning how to get "grounded."  The process will lead you to what you need to know, because it brings awareness of your buried feelings and beliefs which are blocking the flow of energy in that area of your life.  So whether your goal is to learn to relax or to resolve a long-standing problem, this process unlocks the barriers.   

A Wisdom Path

The main goal of an Inner Journey is to help you learn how to access your intuition so you can discover the path to your own answers.  Intuition, or inner knowing, comes from the feeling part of us.  All of us deny feelings that are difficult to cope with, but in doing so we cut ourselves off from the wisdom at the core of those feelings.  By gently uncovering them and giving them our loving attention in a supportive space, you can unblock the energy that held them in place.  Discernment then follows.